Indian activists to launch organization to monitor Zionist activities in India

By Abu Zafar

New Delhi,  March 2 : A group of activists, who recently visited Gaza in an “Asia to Gaza” caravan to show solidarity with the people of Gaza, plan to launch an organization to monitor Zionist activities in India. They also plan to take another caravan from India to Gaza in May this year. The Asia Life Line to Gaza caravan started from Raj Ghat, New Delhi, to Gaza in December 2010 and returned on January 8 this year.

Confirming the plan to launch the organization, Feroze Mithiborwala, convener of Asia Life Line to Gaza caravan, told: “We have to make people aware of the Israel-India relations, and we are going to form an organization called India-Israel Watch Foundation to monitor Zionist activities here in our country.”

Feroze Mithiborwala (R) Presenting a Gift to Hamas Leader Khaled Meshaal During a Meeting With His Group in Damascus December 22, 2010.

He believes that there is a tie-up between Zionism and Brahmanism in India. “My battle for Palestine is also the battle for India and for the whole Asia. The world cannot be free unless Palestine is free and when it happens, we will witness the collapse of US and Zionist imperialism,” he said adding that “we have to unite Muslims and other secular organizations to fight for the rights of Palestinians.”

Praising the roll of the Indian Government, Feroz said: “We could not have managed to go to Gaza without the cooperation of the Indian government.”

The Asia to Gaza convoy consisted of 160 activists, journalists, writers and students from more than 17 countries, including India, Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Kuwait.

“I realized that Palestinian question is the central geopolitical question of our times. It is a moral issue of this age,” he said. According to him, Israel and the US imperialism is larger in scope than an issue of occupied Palestinian territory alone. He further said that after 20 years of the decline of the Soviet Union, there are government pacts with the United States that India became a part of.

“The Zionist lobby is increasing here in the security apparatus of India, and it is damaging and undermining our country’s sovereignty,” he said.

Feroz explained four objectives of the foundation and the caravan to Gaza. It is an initiative for the formation of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as the capital, to end the siege of Gaza, to call for the boycott of Zionist and Israel and to unite the people of Asia for this cause.

Feroz thinks that Israel is loosing grip on central Asia. “Palestinian knows how to sacrifice for a bigger cause. They live each day as last day. The culture of resistance is more amazing there in Gaza,” he added. He further said that Israel had lost war with Hizbullah in 2006 and with Hamas in 2008.

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5 thoughts on “Indian activists to launch organization to monitor Zionist activities in India

  1. This is a biased one sided piece of propaganda. The facts are absolutely false. Israel has not lost a war with Lebanon or Palestine yet. How you wish they had !!.
    Piece of crap blog with stupid quotes from fundemantalists . never coming back again

    • Stupid people think stupid. Mr Judah the war is not fight on behalf of weapon but on character and it is fact that your are the worth across the world in this regard. whole world knows that the domination of Jewish is illegal on Palestine and Israel is illegal country on world’s map.

  2. Respected Br. I am 100% agree with this article and information. This is the fact that the Zionist and the Western capitalist are the main root cause for the destruction of Islamic Ummah. In their eyes , the last battle to control the whole world and to become the single power (like Firaun) will be with Islam and their followers. They destroyed the communism and they have a very close relations with Brahmin’s Power in India. The Brahmans are not more than 7% but they control the whole India and the remaining 93 % in India like Zionist in USA. I think this is “The Call of The Time” to organise this organisation. I humbly offer my whole hearted support and also on behalf of my Organisation ready to co-operate in all respect and also offering also to co-operate for just the right cause(To save the human being from the Oppressor). I also pray for the success of this movement.

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